Statement From State Senator Kevin Parker

Kevin S. Parker

November 06, 2008

On the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America

Today I join with the rest of the world in congratulating president-elect Barack Obama and celebrating an historic victory for the American people and African Americans everywhere. This was a long and hard-fought battle but the results were well worth the wait. This victory has the potential to bring unity to this country. But it has also given a voice to the poor and middle-class who for too long have struggled with foreclosures and job disappearance even as they watched the costs of daily life skyrocket. The people spoke loud and clear and embraced change by electing Barack Obama as our President.

I am proud that from the onset, I was the highest ranking elected official in New York State to have endorsed the campaign of Barack Obama even before he became the presumptive Democratic nominee. I supported him because he was at the forefront of issues that are important to the people in America and a dedicated leader. Together, under this leadership of President Barack Obama, Governor David Patterson and a now Democratic Senate in New York State, we can rebuild our economy and reclaim our country’s leadership position in the world.