Statement From State Senator Kevin Parker On Violent Attacks On Israel

Kevin S. Parker

January 06, 2009

The military action in Gaza is a reminder to us all of the stakes in confronting terror, and the need to stand with our allies.  In my travels to Israel, I have visited the border, driven through checkpoints, and visited with settlers.  This latest action is yet another reminder of a sad and dangerous struggle that once again threatens the stability and security of the region. 
The foundation of any peace or lasting relationship is trust.  As long as there are hidden tunnels and overt rocket attacks, the Palestinians will be unable to cultivate sufficient trust with Israel in order to provide the time and space to develop a security framework that works for both Israel and Palestinians. 
My thoughts are with all of those in my district whose families and friends are affected by these latest events, and I urge our current and future federal administrations to continue to support our ally, Israel, and to lead diplomatic and security negotiations to bring these latest hostilities to an appropriate and effective end.”