Lawmakers mark 1-year anniversary of Jan. 6 insurrection

News 12 Staff

January 06, 2022

Originally published in News 12 on January 06, 2022.

One year ago today, Trump supporters left a political rally and stormed the U.S. Capitol. The days' events shocked the world.

Our elected officials are voicing their response looking back on the events.

Gov. Kathy Hochul: 

The cowardly attacks on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th were an assault on our democratic values. I’ve directed flags to be flown half-staff today to honor the heroes who put their lives on the line a year ago. We will never be intimidated — democracy will always win.

President Joe Biden: 

One year ago today, democracy was attacked. The will of the people was under assault. And our Constitution faced the gravest of threats. I’m heading to the Capitol this morning to speak about the day of insurrection, the state of American democracy, and where we go from here.

Vice President Kamala Harris:

On January 6th, we all saw what our nation would look like if the forces who seek to dismantle our democracy are successful: The lawlessness, the violence, the chaos.

Former President Barack Obama: 

One year ago, a violent attack on our Capitol made it clear just how fragile the American experiment in democracy really is. Here’s my statement on what the anniversary means, and what we need to do today.

New York Sen. Kevin Thomas:

January 6th exposed just how fragile our democracy really is. Today and everyday, we must protect our democracy by rejecting political violence.