Electeds, Advocates Release Report Uncovering 200+ Illegal Hotels In New York City

Liz Krueger

May 30, 2008

Rally in front of illegal hotel demands swift action from City to restore
 thousands of affected apartments to their legal residential use
                                                                                                      Contact:  John Raskin 
                                                                                                               (646) 369-8093              

WHAT:      Rally in front of illegal hotel to release report that finds more than
                   200 illegal hotels operating in NYC.

WHO:        Elected officials and tenants affected by illegal hotels in their

WHEN:      Sunday, June 1, 2008: 2pm press conference and rally
WHERE:   279 E. 44th Street, an apartment building that is being operated
                   illegally as a hotel.  Between 2nd/3rd Avenues.
At 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 1, 2008, state and local elected officials, tenant leaders, and housing advocates from around Manhattan will rally in front of 279 E. 44th Street, an apartment building that is operating illegally as a hotel for short-term visitors, to release a report that finds more than 200 such buildings in New York City.  Elected officials and affected tenants will address the crowd and press and be available for comment and interviews.  Tenants will testify about their experiences living with illegal hotels in their buildings, as their neighbors are replaced by hotel rooms for tourists.
Illegal hotels have become a growing problem in New York City as landlords and managing companies continue to evict tenants and convert rental apartments, Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units, and other affordable housing stock into hotel rooms, often booked over the Internet, to unsuspecting tourists visiting the city.  The report released on Sunday will detail more than 200 buildings affected by this practice and outline suggested remedies, including rapid City action to pass two pieces of needed legislation.