Senator Liz Krueger Praises Senate for Passing Expanded Bottle Bill as Part of the Budget

Liz Krueger

April 03, 2009

Albany— An expanded Bottle Bill finally received the New York State Senate’s approval after being bottled up for several years under the Republican controlled State Senate. In the original Bottle Bill, passed in 1982, only carbonated beverages such as soda and beer required a 5 cent deposit.  The new bill will expand the original Bottle Bill to include bottled water.

Since 1982 the Bottle Bill has saved taxpayers and municipalities hundreds of millions of dollars in landfill fees and has diverted more than 6 million tons of glass, plastic, and metal from New York’s waste stream.  The expanded Bottle Bill promises to prevent even more bottles from clogging up New York’s landfills and from becoming litter in parks, streets and coastal areas.

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