Senator Luis Sepúlveda Critical of Editorial Board Trivializing Ocasio-Cortez Historic Win


June 28, 2018

The following is a statement from New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda on the New York Daily News’ Editorial Boards downplaying the defeat of a powerful member of Congress by a dynamic Latina Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

ALBANY, NEW YORK (05/28/2018)  -  “The Daily News Editorial Board comments on Ocasio-Cortez are insulting, condescending and inaccurate. It reads like a scolding to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez for having the temerity of running against Rep. Joe Crowley (who I endorsed).

It suggests that her victory was a cakewalk because she is a Puerto Rican woman running in a Latino district. It completely ignores that she won almost every demographic in the district and the hard work she put into winning the race.

The Editorial Board also inaccurately states that she benefitted from low voter turnout when everyone involved in electoral politics knows that incumbents benefit when people fail to vote. 

Her victory was historic, completely unexpected and hard-fought. She earned it. The Editorial Board should have left it at that.”

Referenced Editorial by New York Daily News: