Sepúlveda Announces Official Visit by NYS Senate Delegation to the Senate of the Dominican Republic

Rusking Pimentel

July 28, 2022

State Sen. Luis Sepúlveda (S.D. 32) announced a historic collaborative agreement with the senate of the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, July 20, which will include an official visit by a delegation from the New York State senate to the senate of the Dominican Republic.

“Today, I announce, with great joy, a historic agreement to strengthen relationships between both governmental parties, on behalf of our diaspora, throughout the Great State of New York,” said the senator, who represents parts of the South and Central Bronx. “New York State is home to more than one million Dominicans who have a rich history of hard work and sacrifice for this great state.”

Sepúlveda said in recognizing the importance of their contributions and the bonds that unite them as a community, under the leadership of State senate majority leader, Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the senate reached the agreement with the senate of the Dominican Republic, represented by its president, the Hon. Sen. Eduardo Estrella.

“We began this engagement and collaboration with Sen. Alexis Victoria of the Dominican Republic who has been an essential part of this process,” Sepúlveda said, adding that Victoria will be the liaison for the preparation of the official visit by the New York State senate delegation to the Dominican Republic senate. “Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins has also invited the senate president, Hon. Eduardo Estrella, to also make an official visit to the New York State Senate,” he said.

The senator went on to say that the first of several meetings to prepare scheduled visits and agendas was held on July 20, and that Sen. James Skoufis (S.D. 39), who represents the Hudson Valley, accompanied him to greet Estrella for the announcement of the acceptance of the agreement on behalf of Stewart-Cousins.

“This is a historic first step for both of our respective legislative bodies,” Sepúlveda said. “I want to thank the confidence placed in me by both senate leaders, and I am convinced that this agreement to work together will be of great benefit to the State of New York and the Dominican Republic.”