WKBW-TV: Amanda Lynn’s Law passed by the New York State Senate

Mark Grisanti

May 01, 2012

Amanda Lynn’s Law is clearing another political hurdle in Albany, where the senate has passed the legislation making it a felony to tamper with… or dispose of… human remains. On January 9, 2009, Amanda Wienckowski’s nude body was found in a garbage tote along side of a church on Spring Street in Buffalo. She had been missing for weeks. Wienckowski’s family is pushing for a new law and with the help of State Senator Mark Grisanti…the law has now passed the New York State Senate. “We know that poor Amamda did not find herself in that dumpster by herself. Somebody put her there. When somebody does that…somebody needs to be held accountable. They are tampering with evidence. They are tampering with the potential of a crime scene,” Senator Grisanti said.

The law would make improperly disposing of human remains a felony. The crime is currently a misdemeanor… with a maximum sentence of one year in jail. Under the proposed law…the penalties would increase.
“The current law regulates the manor only in which funeral directors, medical professionals and cemetaries can dispose of a human body and or its remains, Grisanti added.

The exact details of Amanda’s death are still a mystery. Separate autopsies have arrived at different conclusions. No charges have been filed in the case. “In her case, we know that her body was moved, definitely concealed so that the discovery of the person’s death will be hindered and that moving of that body with such odious intention…to me is a serious crime deserving of an elevated penalty,” Grisanti also said.

The law will now work it’s way through the state assembly. If it passes and is signed by the governor, the law would take effect later this year.