Golden Education Town Hall Yields Important Information About The Future Of Public School 207

Martin J. Golden

January 20, 2006

Brooklyn- An educational town hall meeting hosted by State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, 22nd District) last evening with Region 6 Superintendent Gloria Buckery and staff, held in the auditorium at Public School 207, yielded important information regarding the future of the expansion of Public School 207.

At the meeting, the main topic of discussion was centered around the expansion of Public School 207 and how these plans have been placed on hold due to the unresolved Statewide educational funding lawsuit. Senator Golden addressed the audience, adding his support and insuring all in attendance that he will do everything in his power to see that the $9.8 million dollars necessary to convert P.S. 207 into a K-8 would be allocated.

At the meeting, Senator Golden offered the opportunity for Region 6 officials to announce a contingency plan for those who have been planning to attend P.S. 207 for the 6th grade but who’s educational future is in jeopardy due to this funding.

Maryanne Ferrara, Community School District 22 Superintendent announced, "If construction is delayed until 2007, we have identified five classrooms that can accommodate the sixth grade at Public School 207."

Senator Golden stated, "I applaud the Department of Education for their concern and for devising such a plan to insure that at no point in this process, the education of the students of P.S. 207 and the community is placed on hold. The quality of the education of the students is by far the most important aspect of any renovation or expansion, so knowing this plan is ready if necessary, we must be confident that our students will continue to be awarded the very best opportunities."