Golden Joins Colleagues In Senate In Cracking Down On New York State's Sex Offenders

Martin J. Golden

June 26, 2006

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) joined his colleagues last week in approving legislation (S.8457), would provide significantly more information about dangerous sex offenders to concerned parents and members of the community. The bill expands the state’s Sex Offender Registry by posting information about more sex offenders on the Internet and allowing law enforcement to disseminate information about all offenders to the community. The bill reflects an agreement with the State Assembly.

"Megan’s Law has always been about access to information," said State Senator Marty Golden. "To protect their families, parents have a right to know if dangerous sexual predators live in their neighborhood. This important legislation continues to update Megan’s Law by providing information about more sex offenders on the Internet and enabling local law enforcement to inform people about the presence of any sex offender in their community. I hope the Assembly will continue to work with us to further expand Megan’s Law and make our communities even more safe from dangerous predators."

Currently, photos and other information about Level 3 sex offenders is available on the Division of Criminal Justice Services’ website. This bill expands the website to include all Level 2 sex offenders.
Present law allows local law enforcement officials to disseminate information about Level 2 and 3 sex offenders. This legislation authorizes the distribution of information concerning Level 1 offenders.

The information would include: name of the offender; approximate address by zip code; crime of conviction, mode of operation, and type of victim targeted; name and address of any institution of higher education at which the offender is enrolled, attends, is employed, or resides; and a description of any special conditions imposed on the offender.