Golden: Now You Don't See Them, Soon You Will

Martin J. Golden

May 05, 2006

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, 22nd District) today announced that the New York City Department of Transportation will refurbish the street line markings along Colonial Road between 88th Street and 75th Street.

Senator Marty Golden contacted Brooklyn Department of Transportation and advised them that the dividing yellow lines are faded and at some points along this stretch of local roadway, the lines are very light and almost non-existent for motorists. The fading lines are causing it to be unknown as to where the lanes of each direction end and begin. Brooklyn Transportation Commissioner Joseph Palmieri has responded to Senator Golden and advised him that the refurbishment will be completed, and the lines repainted yellow, this Spring.

Senator Golden stated, "The Department of Transportation has responded to this request and has advised me that the lines will be repainted and thus, the traffic markings will be made clear to all motorists and pedestrians. Colonial Road is one with heavy traffic, frequented by many pedestrians and motorists go to the park, to Fort Hamilton High school, and who reside there. It is important that this thoroughfare is maintained to highest standards."

Senator Golden continued, "I urge residents of the community to contact my office regarding other two-way streets and avenues which may have fading or faded yellow lines. Additionally, I hope residents will report to my office potholes, street cave-ins, and streets that require paving so that these issues which plague our streets and avenues can be rectified."

To file a report or complaint, contact Golden’s offices at either (718) 238-6044 or at (718) 627-3659 or at