Golden: Red Tagged Homes Need To File For Buildings Permit To Begin Rebuilding

Martin J. Golden

August 11, 2007

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), after meeting with homeowners on Bay Ridge blocks hit hardest by the tornado earlier this week, is advising them that as ordered by the City of New York, new building permits must be filed beginning Monday before any renovation work can begin at the homes currently red tagged, those hardest hit and structurally unsound.

Senator Golden stated, "Owners of the homes which have been red tagged by the Buildings Department must file for work permits beginning Monday so that the contractors can help start the rebuilding and perform the necessary work on these homes. Access to the homes are under the control of the Buildings and Police Departments to insure that no resident is put in unnecessary danger."

Golden continued, "I will work with the City to expedite the issuance of these permits so that the homes most effected and most damaged can begin repairs. We want to see 68th Street, Bay Ridge Avenue, 58th Street, and all the other blocks throughout Bay Ridge returned to normalcy and we want to see families back in their homes living their lives."

Individuals and families wishing to enter these homes for the purposes of obtaining clothes, items, medications etc. are permitted and must call 311 to obtain both a Buildings and Police Department escort. The Housing and Preservation and Development Department has inspectors canvassing the area responding to reports of loose tarps, covering the homes in which the roofs were destroyed and blown off during the tornado. Replacements will be made as necessary.

Senator Golden’s District Office has remained opened late into the evening this week, and is operating this weekend, with both staff and himself walking door to door on the blocks, taking and address complaints and questions related to water conditions, sidewalks, housing, mail delivery, and is additionally visiting the housing shelters established by the American Red Cross.