Golden Requests Transportation Department To Replace Al Nahas Commemorative Street Sign

Martin J. Golden

May 08, 2006

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, 22nd District) today has contacted Brooklyn Department of Transportation Commissioner Joseph Palmieri to request that the street sign renaming 76th Street and 3rd Avenue, Al Nahas Way, be replaced. Senator Golden noticed the sign has been damaged and has asked that the sign be refurbished so that a proper tribute can continue at this corner to the life of Mr. Nahas and all that he achieved for the community.

Senator Golden stated, "It was shocking to notice that the sign dedicated to remembering all that Al Nahas did for 3rd Avenue was damaged. And in a manner in which A would have acted, in seeking to ensure the very best for 3rd Avenue, I have contacted the Department of Transportation and have asked them to erect a new sign at this corner. This sign remembers the life of a leader on 3rd Avenue, a leader in this community, and a man who sparked the rebirth of Third Avenue. We could ask for nothing but the best for Al Nahas."

Senator Golden continued, "This sign has allowed for the legacy and all that Al Nahas did for our community to live on. As his name has been placed above this avenue, he has been able to watch 3rd Avenue flourish into a shopping and dining treasure. We as a neighborhood are forever grateful to Al Nahas. His life is very much a part of our community’s history."

76th Street and 3rd Avenue was dedicated as "Al Nahas Way" on November 6, 2004.