Golden Statement On Court Of Appeals Ruling On Civil Confinement Of Sex Offenders

Martin J. Golden

November 22, 2006

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), a former New York City Police Officer, today issued the following statement on the New York State Court of Appeals ruling overturning Governor Pataki’s civil confinement of sex offenders policy:

Senator Marty Golden "I am appalled, as should all New Yorkers be, that the State’s highest court has let the people down and have endangered the public safety of all citizens. Sexual predators pose a threat to society and this is a matter that must be addressed immediately. As a member of the State Senate who has supported and advocated for tougher laws to protect our most vulnerable, to keep sexual predators off the streets, I will be vocal in a special session to insure that we will have civil confinement laws here in New York State so that our Court can not endanger the safety of all with one decision."

Golden continued, "The State Assembly has repeatedly blocked any efforts to make adequate and tough civil confinement laws. The longer the stall, the greater risk we are all at, especially the children of New York, and we should not be fearful in our homes, in our community and in our State. I hope that the Assembly will recognize this important need to make legislation that protects New Yorkers and will join the Governor, as has the State Senate in the past, in approving such legislation. It is the right thing to do for New Yorkers. This is a law we need to protect society."