Golden Statement On New York State's Kosher Law

Martin J. Golden

April 12, 2006

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), the sponsor of legislation previously signed into law that protects consumers of kosher products by requiring full disclosure by manufacturers, labelers and sellers issued the following statement:

"The implementation of New York State’s Kosher Law Protection Act greatly strengthens consumer protections against false or misleading representations of foods sold or offered for sale as "kosher". By requiring vendors to disclose the basis for their representation that such foods are kosher, we have taken a crucial step in restoring the confidence of the kosher consuming public in the food purchases made. It was necessary to afford kosher consumers this protection."

"Observing kosher dietary laws is a basic tenet of the Jewish religion, incorporating in its observance, dietary laws. These laws determine which foods are permissible and in accordance with Jewish law. Kosher certification, which is the guarantee that the foods meet kosher requirements, is important all year round and especially for the Passover Holiday when stricter guidelines are followed. I urge all consumers to be diligent."

Four years ago, the Court of Appeals suddenly rules that such regulations, law since 1915, were unconstitutional on the basis of church-state grounds. The ruling brought about a call to action by New York State Government. This legislation returned the Kosher Protection Law to New York State.