Golden Support For Local Arts In Schools

Martin J. Golden

February 14, 2006

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, 22nd District), a member of the Senate Education Committee, today is announcing that he has allocated funding to support the arts and music programs at two local schools, Public School 127 and Public School 102, through State Senate funds.

Senator Golden allocated money to Public School 102 for the installation of new chairs in the school’s auditorium, and has awarded a grant to Public School 127 for the construction of a Multi-Plex Art Room.

Senator Golden stated, "I am pleased to have secured funding for both of these outstanding elementary schools which have served our students well over the years. This funding will go a long way to keeping alive the arts in our schools, providing for our children a well-rounded education. I look forward to seeing an upcoming performance in the P.S. 102 auditorium and I anticipate some extraordinary artwork to soon be on display at P.S. 127."

Golden continued, "The arts have long played an important role in the development of the minds of our future. To gain an appreciation, an understanding and an interest in both art and music at an early age, is an important lesson that I hope the young boys and girls will carry with them throughout their lives."