Golden Supports Legislation To Combat Computer Crimes Against Children

Martin J. Golden

December 26, 2007

Senator Marty Golden stated, "Sexual crimes against children are amongst the most heinous in our community. The Internet is a wonderful tool that has transformed and improved the lives of millions of people, however, at the same time, sexual predators have made it, unfortunately, a dangerous weapon that can be used to victimize innocent children. By passing this bill, we will crack down on pornographers and predators that use computer technology to harm and exploit young children."

Golden continued, "This legislation will make sure that dangerous predators who lurk online to lure victims and commit heinous offenses against children are punished appropriately."

The Internet has altered the types of crimes that can be committed and increased the ease with which individuals can be victimized. Most notably, false identities in cyberspace provide a new medium for dangerous predators to victimize vulnerable individuals, particularly children.

Under current law, a sex crime against a child includes the commission or attempted commission of sexual conduct, or the use or promotion of a sexual performance involving a child under 17 years old.
The bill was sent to the Assembly.