Golden Survey Yields Roadway Repairs For Community

Martin J. Golden

January 03, 2007

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) today is announcing that his community pothole survey and roadway repair has yielded positive results for the neighborhood and is applauding the efforts and attention of the Department of Transportation.

Senator Marty Golden stated, "On a regular basis, I ask and encourage local residents to report roadway conditions that need improvement on their blocks, in their commute or in their daily routine. I am proud to again have reported necessary repairs and I applaud the Department of Transportation for their willingness and attention to rectify these matters. Insuring that our streets are maintained to the best standards is a priority of mine for it seeks to insure the safety of all pedestrians and motorists. I encourage residents to continue to contact me with further locations that are in need of repair or pose a threat."

The repairs and improvements include:

1) Pothole has been restored at 95th Street between 3rd Avenue and Ridge Boulevard (closer to Ridge Boulevard)
2) 3rd Avenue from 60th Street to 17th Street has been repaved
3) West Street between Shore Parkway and Avenue Z has been approved for resurfacing
4) Sinkhole outside of 6226 New Utrecht Avenue has been restored
5) Potholes have been restored on 87th Street between 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue, near Century 21
6) Potholes repaired 90th Street between Battery Avenue and Dahlgren Place
7) Potholes repaired on 77th Street between Narrows Avenue and Colonial Road (closer to Narrows)
8) Pothole repair request off Hillside Avenue by Van Wycks towards Kennedy by the Hillside Avenue Intersection was referred to the Queens Borough Commissioner of the Department of Transportation
9) Repair of the rough surface of Colonial Road between 81st Street and 82nd Street was submitted to Capital Planning for conflict resolution and resurfacing approval
10) Rough Surface on 4th Avenue between 80th Street and 81st Street resurfaced in June, 2006
11) Rough Surface on 87th Street between 3rd Avenue and Ridge Boulevard approved for resurfacing
12) Pothole repairs were made on Avenue V between East 15th Street and East 16th Street (under pass)
13) Shore Boulevard in Manhattan Beach will be monitored and repairs made as needed
14) 80th Street between 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue was scheduled for a capital improvement
15) Repaving request for Ocean Parkway to Coney Island Avenue, along Belt Parkway, was completed in Spring, 2006
16) Repaving request for 4th Avenue from 100th Street to Shore Parkway was completed in Spring, 2006
17) Outside of 152 Senator Street meets resurfacing criteria and will be submitted to Capital Planning for conflict resolution and resurfacing approval
18) Rough Surface on 65th Street and Fifth Avenue scheduled for Capital Reconstruction
19) Tentatively scheduled resurfacing for the Spring of 2007 outside of 7723 3rd Avenue
20) 80th Street and 4th Avenue scheduled for capital improvement

To report a pothole, a sinkhole, a street depression, a cave in or any other matter, please call Senator Golden's offices at either (718) 238-6044 or (718) 627-3659. Senator Golden can also be emailed at or residents can stop by either of Golden's offices at 7403-5th Avenue or 3610 Quentin Road.