Golden Welcomes Homeland Security Hearing To Fort Hamilton Army Base

Martin J. Golden

August 15, 2007

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden, a member of the Homeland Security, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee of the New York State Senate, hosted an important public hearing, attended by many local residents and community groups, along with Committee Chairman Vincent Leibell, State Senator Serphin Maltese, Senator Eric Adams and Senator Ruben Diaz at the Fort Hamilton Army Base.

The committee addressed several homeland security issues including port security, the and fuel pipeline security including the one connected at Shore Road, communications, evacuation routes, response times, protocols to emergencies that have an economic impact to business and intergovernmental coordination.

Senator Marty Golden stated in his opening remarks, "Since September 11, 2001, the issue of homeland security has really been the top priority of New York City, New York State and the federal government. And it should be. For there is nothing more important than protecting ourselves, our families and our neighbors. We must maintain a safe society for all to live in."

Senator Marty Golden stated, "Events of recent weeks, whether it be the terrorist attack in Scotland, or the increased vigilance against a nuclear threat this past weekend right here in New York City, or this community’s concern about the safety of a fuel and gas pipeline, which earned the attention of terrorists, reminds us that we live in an very unsafe world. Fortunately, it is a world that we as New Yorkers can change and make safer."

Commissioner Joseph Bruno of the Office of Emergency Management, NYPD Counterrorism officials, Bridgadier General David Shephard, the Director of the New York State Office of Homeland Security, Mike Beeman of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Robert Wilson of the American Red Cross of Greater New York, Eugene Handler of the Committee of Residents for Bay Ridge, Lou Trimboli of C.E.R.T. 1 NYC, John Czap, Assistant Chief of Community Board 15/Marine Park C.E.R.T., Community Board 10 Chairman Dean Rasinya, and Robert Adamski were among those who spoke before the Senate Committee.

Senator Marty Golden continued "I found the Committee’s hearing to be very important and productive, focused on homeland security in our neighborhood, the City and the State of New York. Specifically, we continued the process of educating the community on the maintenance and security of the gas pipeline which runs through Shore Road. Bringing together leaders in emergency response was an important task that makes us ready for the future, and by being more prepared, that makes us safer and stronger."

Golden concluded, "The participation of the local Community Emergency Response Teams reminds us and local residents that there is an opportunity for all of us to help our community, City and nation. By joining CERT, you are doing your part for our neighborhood."

Marty Golden, as a member of the New York City Council founded the first Community Emergency Response Team in the City of New York, C.E.R.T. 1 NYC, in the days following the attacks of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center. Senator Marty Golden, a former New York City Police Officer, advises those interested in joining either of the two Community Emergency Response Teams to contact his office at (718) 238-6044 or (718) 627-3659 or by visiting his website at