For Hire Car Service Safety Improved Under New Law In Nyc, Westchester, Nassau

Martin J. Golden

August 22, 2006

Under a new law (S.8400) sponsored by Senator Marty Golden (R,C-Brooklyn) persons using for-hire car companies in New York City, Westchester and Nassau counties have improved service and greater protections under comprehensive standardized safety regulations. The new law also streamlines regulations for owners.

“This new law improves passenger safety while eliminating burdensome regulations for the black car industry,” said Senator Marty Golden. “For the people that rely on car service this new law sets strong safety standards that require uniform licensing procedures, annual inspections, driver criminal background checks, drug testing and shared licensing information between New York City, Westchester and Nassau Counties. It also eliminates multi-jurisdictional regulations that created a bureaucratic myriad of regulations for owners and operators.”

Previously, for-hire vehicles that crossed jurisdictional boundaries had
to apply for a permit or license in each jurisdiction where they picked up passengers, and some required such permit or license to discharge passengers. That became a cumbersome and expensive procedure with costs passed on to consumers.

The new law was prompted by the lack of uniform state-wide regulations 
of for-hire car service providers. The law allows pre-arranged for-hire
vehicles to travel between licensing jurisdictions when picking up or
dropping off their passengers. It also allows for a reciprocity
agreement between NYC, Westchester and Nassau counties which meet
uniform statutory standards for the operation of pre-arranged for-hire
vehicles and operators, or those which have entered an agreement or
memorandum of understanding with other licensing jurisdictions.