Nominated By Senator Marty Golden, Tony Wu, Assistant Principal Of Ps 105, Appointed To The Commission On Increasing Diversity In The State Government Workforce

Martin J. Golden

February 20, 2007

Brooklyn- Upon the recommendation of Senator Marty Golden, Mr. Tony Wu, assistant
principal of Brooklyn’s Public School 105, was appointed by Senator Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno as a member of the Commission on Increasing Diversity in the State Government Workforce.

"Tony is an outstanding educator, who understands the needs of new immigrants. We expect that his appointment will help bring more diversity to the state work force and will raise important issues that will help us to grow the economy of New York State. We must provide the very best of opportunities for all to live, to work and to raise a family here in our community and here in New York. This appointment will be a successful part of reaching our goal," said Senator Marty Golden.

Mr. Wu came to New York in 1991 from Canton, China. He majored in education
and educational administration. In the 15 years of service in the New York City Public School System, he has been appointed to different positions, which include: Intervention Specialist of the Office of English Language Learners, Department of Education, for Region 8; Title VII Staff Developer, District 20; and teacher of the Bilingual Gifted Program at PS 105.

Mr. Wu is very supportive of the new immigrant students and their parents. He supervises the bilingual and ESL programs designed to address the needs of English Language Learners. He wrote and was awarded 4 state grants and 3 city grants to develop various after-school and Saturday programs for English Language Learners. Together with Ms. Castronovo, the principal, and Mrs. Lee, the other Assistant Principal, he has developed many activities to provide the community with cultural celebrations and social services, enhancing the mutual understanding of different ethnic groups.