Officers Sought By Nys Department Of Corrections

Martin J. Golden

January 22, 2008

New York City Police Officer, is today announcing that the New York State
Department of Correctional Services, responsible for overseeing the
incarceration and rehabilitation of the convicted criminals of our State,
is looking for Correction Officers. This job allows Officers to play a role
in ensuring the safety of the society they live in. It also offers them the
chance to work closely with those who have run afoul of the law, providing
services that can aid in the rehabilitation of convicted criminals who are
willing to reform.

Upon successful completion of the Academy Training Program and an
initial probationary period, Officers earn over $41,000 a year, with a
promise of promotion within the Department for those who display the
discipline, conviction, and know-how necessary to move up in the ranks.
Furthermore, an extensive benefits package, including health, life, dental,
and vision insurance makes becoming a Correction Officer not only a smart
career move but a commitment to the future of one’s family.

Senator Marty Golden stated, "The position of New York State
Correction Officer is vital in the law enforcement apparatus of our great
State. Correction Officers are not only responsible for supervising the
movement of inmates and resolving problems within State prisons, they play
a pivotal role in the rehabilitation of State inmates. Without capable
Officers, our prisons, and by effect our society, become less safe to live
in. I encourage anyone who feels they are up to this responsibility to
apply to be a Correction Officer for the New York State Department of
Correctional Services and embrace a rewarding career in an occupational
field that helps to protect our communities."

The filing deadline for the April 12, 2008 and the Correction Officer
examination is scheduled for February 25, 2008. Application forms are
available and can be downloaded at or are being made
available at Senator Golden’s District Office at 7403-5th Avenue or by
calling his office at (718) 238-6044.