Public School 229 Set To Expand To Pre-k To 8

Martin J. Golden

October 24, 2006

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), a member of the State Senate Committee on Education, announced at a meeting last night of the Parent Teacher Association of Public School 229, that the school is set to expand to Pre-K to 8th Grade by September 2009, with the building of an extension which will house an additional 600 students.

The project will enter the design phase immediately and will be completed by Summer 2007. Construction will begin in September 2007 and occupancy of the building by students will happen by September 2009.

Senator Marty Golden stated, "I applaud the School Construction Authority and the administration of Region 7 for recognizing the severeness of the overcrowding problem at Public School 229. By expanding P.S. 229 from a K-5 to a new Pre-K to 8th Grade, by adding the 6th, 7th and 8th Grades, we have made a huge impact on the quality of education students of P.S. 229 and the surrounding community receive. We are preparing for our future, and we must always remember, that the future starts in the classroom and starts now."

Golden continued, "This is a dream come true for District 20. Anytime you can expand a great school, to be an even better, more premier school for our children to learn and to grow in, we have accomplished something grand and noble. I commend Mr. James Harrigan, Principal, his administration and his staff. I look forward to working with the P.S. 229 community to see a smooth transition and to seeing more students learning at P.S. 229 than ever before."

Senator Marty Golden wrote to the School Construction Authority, and has had numerous meetings and discussions with them, regarding this school expansion and others proposed for our Community School District 20. Senator Golden has also proposed school expansion projects at I.S. 259 and P.S. 163, and feasibility studies have been completed at these sites. Senator Golden is also working with the School Construction Authority to expand New Utrecht High School.

The expansion of New Utrecht High School is currently in the design phase for a new 2 story building with a basement. 13 new classrooms with a capacity for 340 students, as well as a new student cafeteria, a second student cafeteria, a kitchen, and a new teacher’s cafeteria. The existing mezzanine will be converted to offices.

Senator Golden was a driving force in the passage of legislation earlier this year that approved a school construction aid package for New York. The agreement was for the legislature to provide $12 Billion in Capital Funding for New York City public schools. Golden also approved $600 million in operating expenses for public schools within the 5 boroughs.

Senator Golden concluded, "School construction in our community is long overdue. These projects are in the planning stages, the design phase and the ground will soon be broken. Classrooms will flourish throughout our school district and we will make a true, significant impact on overcrowding that is plaguing our community and effecting how our children learn."