Senate Committee To Act On Golden Bill To Prevent Installation Of Cell Phone Towers Near N.y.c. Schools

Martin J. Golden

March 14, 2006

Albany- Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today is announcing that the New York State Senate Committee on Local Government anticipates passage of legislation tomorrow, which begins the process of regulating the installation of cellular phone towers and antennas in New York City.

The legislation before the Committee tomorrow, S. 6006 introduced by Senator Golden, seeks to prohibit the erection of cellular towers or antennas within five hundred feet of a school building in New York City. The bill further allows parents and neighborhoods to receive notification and thus make appropriate decisions on the placement of both cellular towers and antennas.

Senator Marty Golden stated, "There is a continued controversy over whether cellular towers pose health hazards from exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation. Until there is some conclusive evidence that shows that there are no harmful effects related to this radiation, we can not in our right mind allow for these towers to be placed near a school, emitting radiation into classrooms, lunchrooms and gymnasiums throughout New York City."

Senator Marty Golden continued, "Within this legislation, we have also raised the issue and brought to light the need for community notification prior to such an installation. For companies to come in the dark of the night and simply erect these towers is unacceptable. Communities should not have to wake up and find that a cell phone tower was placed near their school or their home. We must be allowed to find an appropriate placement for these towers."

Senator Marty Golden, working with local civic leaders, parents, school and Parish officials, was sparked to introduce this legislation following the attempted installation of a cellular phone tower directly across from St. Anselm’s School, located at 356-83rd Street, on a rooftop of a neighboring apartment building located at 8300-4th Avenue.

Assemblyman Matthew Mirones, (R-C, 60th District) a co-sponsor of this legislation in the State Assembly stated, "We are one step closer to protecting our children and community from the potential hazards of cell phone towers. I urge my colleagues in the Assembly to follow the lead of the Senate. We can not take a ‘wait and see’ approach with our children’s health."

Craig Eaton, Chairman of Community Board 10 stated, "Community Board 10 has had several meetings urging our elected officials to strengthen regulations as it relates to the installation of cellular antennae particularly those near schools. I am elated and would like to thank State Senator Golden, for fighting and delivering this important piece of legislation to our community."

Eaton continued, "The passage of State Senate Bill 6006 will prevent the erection of cellular phone antennas from being installed within 500 feet of a school. The truth is that we just do not know what the potential health risks are from exposure to RF waves emitted from these devices and until there
are concrete health studies they should not be placed within 500 feet of any school."

Assemblywoman Joan Millman (D-Brooklyn) is the sponsor in the State Assembly.