Senate Passes Legislation To Keep Flyers Off Cars

Martin J. Golden

June 07, 2005

The New York State Senate today passed legislation, sponsored by Senator Martin Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), that prohibits the attachment of handbills and other forms of advertisements to any part of a motor vehicle in New York City.

"The current law prohibits people from placing ads, flyers and handbills on windshield wipers or rear windows of vehicles, to include those affixed or attached to any part if a motor vehicle," Senator Golden said. "However, unscrupulous individuals are getting around the law by putting them on side mirrors and car antennas using rubber bands, or placing folded handbills under the door handles or in the outer door jams. This problem is generating a significant amount of litter on the streets of New York City and creating a problem keeping the streets clean. I believe that there are better, more effective ways to advertise."

"The accumulation of handbills litters the streets and hurts the New York City Department of Sanitation's ability to maintain clean streets and sidewalks," Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno said. "People that live, work and visit the City want it to be clean and this bill will help achieve that goal by closing a loophole in the existing law."

The bill also contains a rebuttable presumption that the person whose name, telephone number, or other identifying information on a handbill or other form of an advertisement attached to a windshield, or windshield wipers or a motor vehicle has violated this section of law.

The bill was sent to the Assembly.