Senator Golden And District Attorney Hynes Encourage Brooklyn Merchants To Join The Safe Haven Program

Martin J. Golden

May 04, 2006

Brooklyn- Recent reports of a man luring children to his vehicle, posing as a New York City Police Officer in both Brooklyn and Queens, has sparked State Senator Marty Golden to announce that, working with Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes, the Safe Haven Program will be expanded and more participating merchants will be encouraged to join.

State Senator Marty Golden, a former New York City Police Officer stated, "The past couple of weeks has a been horrifying time for parents of all of New York City’s children. Anytime there is a predator on our streets, seeking to harm our children, we are all on guard in an effort to protect our youth. That is why this is the time to encourage merchant participation in the Safe Haven program so that day in and day out, children and others can feel more secure walking our streets when alone."

Golden continued, "The Safe Haven program, while built around public safety, also allows for people who are lost or feeling ill, to seek medical assistance or to just use the telephone. It is an ingenious program that must be maximized in order to make the most significant impact on our society for the better good. I encourage all merchants to sign up, and all residents to encourage the stores they patronize to become a Safe Haven location."

District Attorney Charles J. Hynes said, "Participation in the Safe Haven program is an excellent example of how the community can support law enforcement efforts, and all business owners should be encouraged to get involved in it."

Safe Haven is a public safety program developed by the New York City Police Department. The program provides residents with easy access to specific locations where they can seek safety or help in emergencies. Over the past couple of years, District Attorney Charles Hynes and State Senator Marty Golden, have promoted the program that has provided this assistance in many of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods.

Merchants and commercial establishments that volunteer as Safe Haven locations are given a large blue and orange decal, which bears the Safe Haven emblem and is placed in the front of the window of their business. The decal informs residents and school children that these businesses will be of assistance in situations, medical emergencies, and for people who are lost or injured.

Susan Piller, a parent who‘s daughter was saved because of the Safe Haven program stated, "My daughter was followed from home to her schoolyard as a 6th grader, and if it was not for the Safe Haven program, I may not have had the opportunity to see my daughter grow up. I applaud District Attorney Charles Hynes and Senator Golden for their commitment to this program and I look forward to helping them expand it throughout Brooklyn."

Applications are available to store owners by contacting the office of Senator Marty Golden at (718) 238-6044 or by contacting Dan Murphy of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office at (718) 250-3739. Completed applications will be sent to District Attorney Charles Hynes for review and for approval as a Safe Haven location. A decal will be then be issued to the store owner to display in the store window.