Senator Golden Announces Funding For Repairs At 86th Street Station

Martin J. Golden

September 22, 2008

Rep. Fossella and Senator Golden Announce the Release of $4.8M in Federal funds for 86th Street Subway Station Renovation

Release of the Federal DOT Funds will allow MTA to begin renovation project

[Washington, DC] – Representative Vito J. Fossella and State Senator Martin Golden today are pleased to announce the final release of more than $4.8 million in federal transportation funds secured by the Congressman. This federal money will be coupled with $2.4 million in funds secured by Senator Golden and nearly $5 million provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to renovate the 86th Street Subway Station in Brooklyn.

The combined total of nearly $12.3 million will be used to complete the following improvements:

  • Provide new ceramic tile wall finish at both track walls, including a decorative mosaic band and station identification tablets.
  • Scrape, patch and paint track walls above and below the ceramic tile finish.
  • Scrape, patch and paint ceiling above track and above platform.
  • Scrape, patch and paint walls & ceilings at both mezzanines.
  • Provide new ADA-compliant tactile warning tiles at platform edge.
  • Stop water infiltration at ventilators above southbound track by repairing cracks and spalls at track ceiling, in ventilators, and at sidewalk level.
  • Replace sidewalk slab at site of former ventilators north of 86th Street on the west sidewalk.
  • Repair corroded steel in ventilators and at track and platform ceiling.
  • Rebuild platform edges in conformance with ADA gap requirements. Provide new rubbing board.

The release of this funding will finally allow the project to begin as currently scheduled in the second quarter of 2009 ultimately fulfilling a pledge made by both Congressman Fossella and Senator Golden to provide Bay Ridge with a modern and safe 86th Street Subway Station. The construction duration will be approximately 24 months from the start date.

“I am proud to have made good on my promise to give the people of Bay Ridge a modern subway station that is clean, welcoming and convenient. This money will allow us to modernize the station and make much-needed repairs and enhancements to improve commuting for residents. The station is one of the most heavily-used in Brooklyn, and age has taken its toll on the infrastructure. The renovation of this station has been one of the top priorities of commuters, and I am pleased that we have achieved this goal for them. I want to thank Senator Golden and the MTA for their commitment to this project and to improving the daily commute for thousands of Brooklyn residents” said Fossella.

Senator Marty Golden stated, "I am proud to have allocated over $2 million and have worked with Congressman Vito Fossella and the New York City Transit Authority to modernize the antiquated R train station at 86th Street and 4th Avenue. For the approximate 9,600 daily commuters, the straphangers, they will surely benefit from these enhancements. For too long, the many subway riders who use the 86th Street train station on a daily basis have had to endure dilapidated conditions that require these improvements."

Golden continued, “Good transportation is required to keep a neighborhood strong. It is important for all those who commute to and from work, to and from school, and who use our subways to get around New York. We have made tremendous strides to rid our subways of graffiti, to keep our subway cars clean, and to maintain safety on our trains so that New Yorkers feel safe.”

The federal funding secured by Fossella was included in the Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy For Users (H.R. 3), which was signed into law in 2005. The six-year bill provided $284 billion for the federal highway, transit and highway safety programs.