Senator Golden Assists Patrons Who Were Victims Of Consumer Fraud

Martin J. Golden

January 25, 2008

Senator Golden has contacted the New York State Department of Education Division of Professional Licensing, which licenses Ophthalmic Dispensing and Optometry, and has been informed to advise residents who have paid for, but have not received their eye glasses, to contact the Office of Professional Misconduct and Discipline.

Senator Marty Golden stated, "I encourage any customers of the former AAA Optical Circle who may have ordered glasses, paid for them, and not received them, to contact the Office of Professional Misconduct and Discipline and the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. When a store closes, customers with pending business have a right to know where the store has either moved to or where previously paid merchandise can be picked up. By contacting the OPMD, the State will investigate and try to locate the owner of the Optical Circle and satisfy the outstanding orders of their former customers."

To contact the New York State Department of Education's Office of Professional Misconduct and Discipline, Brooklyn residents are encouraged to call (718) 246-3060 and a complaint form, which is to be completed and returned, will be mailed to them. Residents are also encouraged to visit their web site at
"" . Anyone with concerns or questions related to this eye glass store should contact Senator Golden's office at (718) 238-6044 or at (718) 627-3659.