Senator Golden Blasts Javits Center Failure

Martin J. Golden

March 21, 2009

Senator Martin J. Golden today blasted Governor Paterson’s proposal for the expansion of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Governor Paterson announced a more than 90% reduction from the original plan. The Governor’s new proposal is only a 100,000 square foot expansion, which will include a paltry 40,000 square feet of new exhibition space.

"In 2005, Governor Pataki signed into law a bill approving the expansion of the Javits Center. This widely anticipated mega-project would have strengthened New York City as a destination for worldwide exhibitions and conventions. Governor Paterson’s proposal would amount to nothing more than a renovation project which will short change our great City and squander taxpayers’ money," said Senator Golden.

The original Pataki plan would have expanded the Javits Center’s of exhibition and meeting space from 760,000 square feet to more than 1,700,000 square feet, over two construction phases. The new Javits Center would have moved New York’s convention capacity from 18th to 5th in the nation.

"The bottom line is that what the Governor wants to do is utterly inadequate for New York City’s long term needs. What this project illustrates is the complete lack of vision of our Governor has when it comes to keeping our laborers working, increasing tax revenue, and reclaiming New York City’s place as the greatest City in the world," continued Senator Golden.

"The original plan, rejected by Governor Paterson, would have provided $1.4 billion in economic stimulus, and would have been financed through a combination of City, State, and private funds. The Javis Center, as planned by Pataki, would have created over 10,000 permanent jobs and generated an additional $53 million in annual City revenue. What Governor Paterson has proposed is a sham that in effect puts a coat of paint on a building which needs to be completely refurbished," continued Senator Golden.

"New Yorkers are worried about their families, their jobs and their futures. If this project goes through as planned, we would be passing on an investment which will help all of our working families for generations to come, by increasing business and tourism," concluded Senator Golden.