Senator Golden: Governor Spitzer Finally Understands His Dmv Policy Is Flawed And Threatens The Security Of All

Martin J. Golden

October 29, 2007

State Senator Martin J. Golden, (R-C, Brooklyn), today issued the following statement in response to Governor Spitzer’s amended DMV policy to govern the issuance of driver’s licenses in New York State:

“It’s about time that Governor Spitzer is understanding of the fact that giving licenses without the requirement of a Social Security Number is flawed. Regardless of it being a one or two-tier system, the law requires Social Security Numbers to obtain a drivers license in New York State and can not be changed without legislative action.”

“The Federal Department of Homeland Security, charged with protecting all Americans, confirms what my colleagues and I have been saying, that this policy does not comply with Federal REAL ID Act. I am glad to see that Governor Spitzer has made a U-Turn, but even so, its frightening that Governor continues to insist on giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens in some capacity.”

“This program has not worked in other states, including North Carolina where the policy was disbanded, so why are we trying to do this in New York, opening the gates to illegal immigration, which is a threat to our security and economy, allowing for terrorists to come to New York, and allowing illegal aliens to take jobs away from Americans and those who obtained citizenship status the proper way?”

“What does the Governor not understand? His new DMV technology is flawed and won’t work to verify documents. And because of that, we will be giving drivers licenses to people who can’t prove who they say they are. I urge the Governor to be understanding of this, to move on and abandon this policy. It won’t work and even worse, it endangers all New Yorkers and I think he finally realizes that fact, despite the fact the State Senate and most New Yorkers have been telling him that all along.”

The New York State Senate this week passed legislation that would stop Governor Spitzer’s plan to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens by requiring a social security number or proof of authorized presence in the United States to obtain a New York State drivers license or non-driver identification card. The State Assembly failed to pass the legislation.