Senator Golden Hosts 2007 Teacher Of Year Awards

Martin J. Golden

June 26, 2007

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, 22nd District), a member of the State Senate Committee on Education, yesterday hosted his "2007 Teacher of the Year" awards ceremony in recognition of outstanding educators from throughout the community in District 20, 21 and 22. Senator Golden invited each school to selected from their faculty a teacher that has distinguished themselves throughout the past academic year.

Senator Marty Golden, in his remarks stated, "Our students will be forever affected by you and the lessons you have taught them. You have built the foundation of the future, you have been the architect and the teacher, and you have done all that needs to be done so that for each of your students, the significance of their lives is now able to be found."

The Teacher of the Year Awards were presented to the following:

P.S. 176-Palma Gemelli, Mindy Schwartz, Jeanette McCarthy and Florence Ouni
P.S. 69-Cindy Ho
P.S. 192-Debra Calcagno and Rivky Lehrfield
I.S. 381-Paul D’Alessandro
P.S./I.S. 104-Tracy Gazzani and Bernadette Scovin
I.S. 278-Deborah Izzo
P.S. 100-Laurie Kominsky
I.S. 187-Julia Kary
P.S. 186-Donna Neglia and Rina Horne
High School of Telecommuncation Arts and Technology-Mercedes Knudsen
I.S. 234-Lorna Cooper
James Madison High School-Jose Inoa
Lafayette High School-Linda Rubino
Shallow, I.S. 227-Kathleen Fugelsang
P.S. 127-Caroline Nicolosi
P.S. 205-Carmen Fahme
Fort Hamilton High School-Thomas Oberle
P.S. 200-Kris Harner
P.S. 112-Fee Yee
I.S. 96-Chiara Spagnolo
I.S. 30-Meg Chadonic
P.S. 229-Francine Cannizzo
P.S. 48-Alex Talavera
P.S. 160-Debra Fox
P.S. 102-Margherita Famosa
P.S. 170-Ourania Romanos
P.S. 97-Lisa Angel
P.S. 185-Jane Paul
I.S. 201-Eileen St. John
P.S. 204-Claudia Alba
Midwood High School-Marcia Kaufman
IS 259-Deborah Collins
Sheepshead Bay High School-Danielle Tay
PS 247-Stephanie Spatola
PS 105-Donna Amato

District 20 Superintendent Edward Seto and Community Education Council District 20 President Carlo Scissura were in attendance and praised the work of the educators within our local schools.