Senator Golden Leads Asian American Heritage Festival Celebration

Martin J. Golden

May 22, 2006

Brooklyn- Over 1,000 people attended State Senator Marty's Golden 4th Annual Asian Pacific Heritage Festival at McKinley Park in Brooklyn.

The program included ethnic dances including the Chinese Lion Dance, the Peacock Dance, and the Korean Fan Dance. The event will feature a demonstration of Buddist Monk Kung Fu as well as a Hand Puppet Show. A wide array of food, arts and crafts and prizes were available as well.

Senator Golden stated, "My 4th Annual Asian Pacific Heritage Festival celebrated many cultures and different ethnic groups. For the past 100 years, Asian Americans have been very much a part of Brooklyn life, and in appreciation of their contributions to our City, our State and our Nation, we came together today in one of Brooklyn’s most beautiful parks for a grand tribute."

May is known as the "Asian Pacific Heritage Month". Senator Golden, as a member of the New York City Council, led the efforts to have Asian Lunar New Year recognized as an official City holiday. Senator Golden led a similar effort in the State Legislature in 2004.