Senator Golden Obtains $220 Million For Brooklyn College

Martin J. Golden

April 29, 2008


Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) is today announcing that he has secured, as part of the State Senate budget, over $220 million dollars to support major construction projects to enhance and improve the campus of Brooklyn College.

Senator Golden obtained funding for the following projects:

West Quad Building $22,782,000

Roosevelt Hall Science Facility $161,000,000

Performing Arts Center $29,000,000

Fire Alarm and Security Project $9,834,000

Senator Marty Golden stated, "Since classes began in 1930, Brooklyn College has been a premiere place to pursue a degree in higher education. Over the years, so many students have earned highly respected degrees as well as a foundation for life at Brooklyn College. The students of Brooklyn College have become the best in business, in law, in stage, in education, in health care, as well as others, and they have made our society a better place to live, to work and to raise a family. I am proud to have secured this record level of funding for Brooklyn College, so that the many students who will learn there in the future, will have the very best of opportunities."

Senator Golden continued, "In these difficult times, my colleagues and I worked hard to ensure that our City colleges will receive the resources they need to continue to provide our students with a quality education."

Brooklyn College President Dr. Christoph M. Kimmich stated, "The work Senator Golden put into this budget season has yielded extraordinary results for Brooklyn College. The fundamental decisions reflected in this capital budget have set the College firmly on the path to modernizing and transforming the campus. We would not be where we are without his help. We’re enormously grateful."