Senator Golden To Protect Our Kids

Martin J. Golden

October 24, 2007

Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), member of the Senate Education Committee, announced Senate passage of legislation that would equip New York City School buses with electronic monitoring systems.

"We were all shocked after reading the stories of sexual abuse occurring on school buses in our local newspapers. This is a real problem that needs a real, common sense solution. My legislation places cameras on buses, while informing both drivers and students that they could be videotaped at anytime on the bus," said Senator Golden.

Under Senator Golden’s bill, all new school buses must be equipped with video surveillance equipment by September 1, 2010. Buses currently in service have a three year window to be fitted and must be in compliance by September 1, 2013. After a one year demonstration project is completed, the Commissioner of Education will recommend what technology will provide the necessary supervision as well as the most cost effective supervision. The legislation also has provisions citing specifically who has access to viewing the tapes and for what purposes they can be utilized.

"The bottom line is that driving a bus is a position of trust. Every parent who puts their child on the bus each morning deserves to know that their child is safe. Knowing that there will be surveillance on buses will go a long way in giving parents what they want most - peace of mind," concluded Senator Golden.