Senator Golden Re-appointed To Port Security Task Force

Martin J. Golden

March 21, 2007

The Senate Majority Task Force on Port Security announced it’s reformation this week and Senator Marty Golden (Brooklyn) will once again hold an active role in addressing the need to improve security at Coastal Waterways in New York’s Port facilities.

“New York City is a prime target for those who seek to harm our interests and the well-being of our residents,” said Senator Marty Golden. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to be a member of this Task Force and I plan to continue to identify areas of concern for our metropolitan residents.”

Over the past several years, concerns have increased with regard to shipping containers and their contents including stolen merchandise, illegal products and even human trafficking, all compounded by issues of security and vulnerability of our ports to terrorism. The Senate Majority Task Force on Port Security will continue to focus on these issues, hearing testimony and providing legislative remedy, and ensuring the overall safety and security of New York's ports.

The Task Force was created in early 2006, in response to the potential risks associated with the sale of the Port of New York operations to Dubai Ports World. The results of the closely scrutinized transactions were reflected in a package of legislation introduced by the Task Force on
Port Security that addressed security gaps which existed at the Port of New York and made the metropolitan area vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

During the 2006 legislative session, the following bills were passed with unanimous bipartisan support and successfully signed into law. The legislation will;

Allow the Waterfront Commission to obtain disclosure from witnesses outside of the Commission’s jurisdiction of New York and New Jersey, and to temporarily suspend permits, licenses, and registrations pending disposition of a proceeding (S. 7109-A, Senator Padavan, CHAP. 355). The
Commission has conducted numerous investigations in which out-of-state witnesses have refused to appear. This measure gives the Commission greater subpoena power,

Expand the Waterfront Commission’s ability to revoke or deny a license or registration to port workers associated with terrorism, racketeering or other organized crime groups (S. 6822-B, CHAP. 340),

Strengthen the Commission’s ability to revoke or deny a license or registration of port workers who are associated with illegal drug activity (S. 7181-A, Senator Leibell, CHAP. 360), and

Adjust the pilotage tariff table over a period of three years (S. 6968, Senator Marchi, CHAP. 347).

After successfully implementing five new laws and releasing the report, “At Water’s Edge; Port Security In the Age of Terrorism,” the Task Force this year plans to continue making progress in protecting New York’s borders and their residents from threats of terrorist attacks. The
comprehensive report is available under “Senate Reports,” at

Additional members of the Senate Majority Task Force on Port Security include: Chairman Senator Frank Padavan (Queens); Senator John Flanagan (2nd Senate District), Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions, which maintains legislative
oversight over the Port Authority; Senator Andrew Lanza (Staten Island); Senator Vincent Leibell (Patterson), Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs; Senator Serphin Maltese (Queens), Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on
Cities; Senator Dale Volker (Depew), Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Codes.