Senator Golden: For The Sake Of New York's Economy And Shoppers, Let State Portion Of Sales Tax Expire

Martin J. Golden

January 19, 2006

Brooklyn- As New Yorkers prepare to shop next week without the burden of the State sales tax, 4.375% on items of clothing and shoes under $110, State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today is calling for the end of the State portion of the sales tax, to aid in the growth of New York’s economy, to benefit shoppers, and to make local stores and merchants more competitive against internet shopping and out-of-state businesses.

Last year, Senator Marty Golden, a former small business owner, voted to authorize the City’s elimination of their 4% portion of the sales tax on clothing and shoes under $110. Senator Golden is also reminding and encouraging New Yorkers to shop at local stores during the upcoming Sales Tax-free Week of January 30, 2006 through February 5, 2006.

State Senator Marty Golden stated, "The elimination of the City’s portion of the sales tax was a step in the right direction, and now, the State’s portion must be removed as well. Consumers have been burdened by the sales tax for too long and our local businesses are suffering because of it. It is a common sense approach to spurring an unprecedented level of economic growth in communities throughout the State."

Golden continued, "By offering sales tax free shopping, small businesses have the most to gain and are given the necessary tools to compete with big business. Further, the loss of revenue to businesses surrounding our local shopping strips has a significant impact on New York’s economy because once you leave our City to shop, you also dine elsewhere, and spend money in others ways in other places other than New York."

Patrick Condren, Executive Director of the 86th Street Business Improvement District stated, "The stores that comprise the 86th Street Business Improvement District include thousands of residents and workers, and tens of thousands of customers, who would benefit from this logical step that Senator Golden is suggesting. The elimination of sales tax creates revenue for both business and residential communities who in turn contribute compensatory to other aspects of New York’s economy."