Senator Golden Says Nyc And Uft Agreement Makes The Grade

Martin J. Golden

October 18, 2007

Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) today voiced his support for the recent agreement between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and United Federation of Teachers President, Randi Weingarten, which will create a $20 million-a-year merit pay program for 200 of New York City’s high need schools.

"It is a victory for everyone when the City and our schools work together as a team. This agreement is truly a historic partnership between our hard working dedicated teachers and the Big Apple. By creating additional incentives for teachers everybody wins - our educators and more importantly our children. I want to let the UFT President and Mayor know, I will be there to support this agreement," said Senator Golden.

Under the recently announced agreement, bonuses for teachers would not be tied to individual classroom or student performance, but to school-wide gains. Specific requirements for getting the bonuses is still being established. The agreement will need to be approved by the State.

"There are few people who are more dedicated to their profession than teachers. They are the individuals who not only provide our children with a sound educational base on which to build bright futures, but also provide guidance and advice to our kids. It is only fair that when our educators improve an entire school that they be rewarded," continued Senator Golden.

"By working together we will be improving our schools, but by doing this we are investing in our community. When our kids are given an education that will allow them to get jobs, everyone wins. This new agreement will have a ripple effect in our neighborhoods by improving our quality of life, and expanding our economic base. All New Yorkers should be proud of this watershed agreement," concluded Senator Golden.