Senator Golden Seeks Relief For Motorists

Martin J. Golden

September 01, 2005

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today announced that he has sponsored legislation which would eliminate the State’s sales tax on gasoline, a move which would save New York drivers about $500 million a year.

"Gas prices are skyrocketing at the pump. Each time New Yorkers fill the gas tank of their cars, they are reaching deeper into their pockets to meet the skyrocketing fuel costs," said Senator Golden, "This legislation would relieve the consumer of bearing a high burden of taxes and surcharges by decreasing these taxes, an expense that for too long New York’s motorists have been forced to pay."

The elimination of the sales tax on gas would yield tremendous savings for consumers. Pump prices could drop at least 4 percent (over 11 cents as prices reach almost $3 a gallon). This legislation would allow motorists to dig a little less deeper into their pockets each time they needed to fill their tank.

"In the time of this crisis of high gasoline prices this legislation would give immediate relief to the taxpayers of the State of New York. I congratulate Senator Golden for this bold initiative," said Michael R. Long, State Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party.

In 2004, New York State created a Gasoline Price Stability Task Force to monitor the retail prices of gasoline. This multi-agency effort to protect consumer interests monitors the retail price of gasoline and investigates any allegation of gasoline price gouging or price fixing.

Senator Golden reminded consumers to be the Gasoline Price Stability Task Force’s eyes and ears. The Consumer Protection Board is operating a toll-free telephone number (1-800-214-4372) and provides a complaint form on their web site ( for consumers to report possible instances of gasoline price gouging or price fixing. Such allegations will be promptly investigated by the Consumer Protection Board and may be referred to the Attorney General for enforcement.