Senator Golden Speaks Out Against State Policy That Panders To Criminals

Martin J. Golden

July 08, 2008


Calls for the State to Stop Pandering to Transgendered Delinquents

Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) today called for the immediate reversal of an Office of Children and Family Services policy requiring the State juvenile facilities to stock gender neutral undergarments and referring to transgendered youth by their chosen rather than legal names.

"This policy is ludicrous and poses a security threat. Since when has the State of New York decided to pander to children who have been incarcerated for committing a crime? Those young people have been sent to a juvenile facility for a reason. By providing them ‘gender neutral underwear’ and calling them by whatever name they want, we are allowing the inmates to run the asylum, and making it easier for them to fall out of the purview of justice," said Senator Golden.

As a result of a recent lawsuit, the State Office of Children and Family Services recently implemented the gender neutral undergarment policy. Each facility must stock a dozen bras and panties of each size in case they are requested. Also part of the policy is that facility staff must call transgenedered youths by their chosen and not legal name.

"This Governor just doesn’t get it. First he is part of an administration that decides to give illegal aliens drivers’ licenses. Then Governor Paterson decides to allow for State agencies to recognize same-sex marriages. Now, he is stocking gender neutral underwear for transgendered youth criminals. Where will it end?"

"The bottom line is that this is only the latest policy implemented by the Governor which thumbs its nose to the people of New York State. We have a representative republic form of government. New Yorkers have a right to know how their hard earned tax dollars are being spent, and should be able to have their voices heard if they think the Governor is wasting their money on luxury items for criminal kids," concluded Senator Golden.