Senator Golden Submits Testimony To City Planning Commission Hearing On The Rezoning Of Dyker Heights

Martin J. Golden

June 06, 2007

Brooklyn- A representative of State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), who is in Albany, today read a statement on his behalf at the City Planning Commission’s Public Hearing on the rezoning of the neighborhood of Dyker Heights. The text of the statement is below.

Good Morning. On behalf of State Senator Marty Golden, proudly representing the community of Dyker Heights in the New York State Senate, I am fortunate to stand before you on this historic day as it relates to the neighborhood preservations and as such the future of zoning in the community of Dyker Heights.

I applaud the City Planning Commission for their certification of the plans which down zones Dyker Heights through the use of contextual zoning. These plans that will insure that the character and integrity of the neighborhood is maintained in the future.

I am pleased that Community Board 10, the Dyker Heights Civic Association and the Department of Citywide Planning, have made such detailed and significant progress to protect the character of Dyker Heights from the damaging effects of over development.

Throughout this process, I have encouraged the City to move swiftly to implement these plans for the betterment of Dyker Heights. We are now almost complete, pending the completion of this hearing, and a full vote by the New York City Council which I hope will be on the agenda of the next Stated meeting.

The proposal and plans, that will alter the current inadequate zoning laws, will result in significant down zoning that reflects and protects the wonderful quality of Dyker Heights, a quality that has caused many to recall the days of the Village of the Dyker Heights.

Throughout New York City, in Bay Ridge and in some cases Dyker Heights, we have witnessed homes fall at the hands of developers to be replaced by large developments. This zoning plan removes that threat from Dyker Heights. I again thank the City Planning Commission for their efforts.

The residents of Dyker Heights appreciate the diligent work you have completed, which will allow for each of them to live in that community, in that neighborhood, on that street that they have and envision continuing to do so.