Senator Golden Supports Legislation To Protect Children Against Danger

Martin J. Golden

February 15, 2005

Albany- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) has sponsored legislation introduced by Senator Mary Lou Rath (R-C, Williamsville), S. 1517, that seeks to enhance the penalty faced by an individual who attempts to lure or entice a child into a car, an isolated area, or through communication with a child by means of a computer.

The legislation seeks to reclassify the crime of attempting to lure or entice a child into a vehicle, building or other isolated area for the purposes of committing a criminal offense, from a Class A Misdemeanor to a Class D Felony. This penalty would also apply to those who use computer communication in order to solicit a sexual encounter or to commit a criminal offense with or against. Current law does not specifically address the harassment of a child through computer communications. This law would not preclude a charge of kidnapping.

"Recent reports of such horrendous and frightening attempts to lure children have given further justification for such a law here in New York State. Every day, parents allow their children to grow more responsible and soon, we find children walking home from school alone, walking to meet their friends at the movies, or simply hanging out in our neighborhood parks and playgrounds. We must have stiffer laws on the books to protect our children against those who seek to cause harm," said Senator Marty Golden.

Senator Marty Golden continued, "Furthermore, we must establish a law to protect our children from those who they may come in contact with on their personal computers. As the internet craze continues to grow, we must offer protections that will prevent harassment and offers for sexual encounters."

Senator Marty Golden, a former New York City Police Officer, worked with Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, the local police precincts and local merchant associations to organize the Safe Haven Program. Safe Haven is a public safety program developed to provide residents with easy access to specific locations where they can seek safety or help in emergencies.

Golden is a strong supporter of the program and seeks promotion of it so that children and all residents are aware that stores that have the Safe Haven Decal on their doors will assist them in times of need. The store will provide a location for an individual to stay inside of, to phone the police, or to contact a parent if they feel they are in danger.