Senator Golden Takes First Step In Cleaning Up Streets Of Bensonhurst

Martin J. Golden

August 22, 2008


Brooklyn- Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) today announced that 33 Notices of Violations were issued by the Enforcement Division of the NYC Department of Sanitation to address issues of sanitation and crowded sidewalks on 86th Street, between bay Parkway and 23rd Avenue, in Bensonhurst.

Acting on complaints brought forth by the community at a recent town hall meeting hosted by Senator Golden, the Department of Sanitation was asked to step up enforcement in the areas of 86th street that most troubled the residents who spoke out at the meeting. A main concern of those who attended the meeting was the general filthy conditions on 86th Street and the health hazards caused by vendors and shop owners not adhering to City sanitation guidelines.

During the period of June 27th to July 9th, 33 Notices of Violation were issued as a result of Sanitation Enforcement officers patrolling this area:

Twenty-one Notices of Violation for sidewalk obstructions:

-Six Notices of Violation for failure to clean 18’ inches into the street from the curbside;

-Three Notices of Violation for dirty sidewalks;

-Two Notices of Violation for failure to store receptacles until time of collection;

-And one Notice of Violation for failure to securely tie and bundle loose material set out for collection.

"This is a significant first step in addressing a major quality of life concern within our community. 86th Street is a major commercial thoroughfare as well as a residential area, with thousands of people shopping and going to and from work and home every day. The conditions that have developed on this street as a result of vendors and shop owners disregarding sanitation guidelines are deplorable and the community was quick to point this out at my Town Hall meeting," said Senator Golden.

"I applaud the action taken by the Department of Sanitation to clean up 86th Street and I am happy they will remain committed to issuing violations for sanitation code infractions. This strict enforcement is needed to ensure that those vendors, shop owners, and pedestrians who break the rules do not do so in the future. The end result of this, which the people of my district have called for and which I will commit to seeing through, should be a cleaner and more enjoyable 86th street experience."