Senator Golden Urges Local School Children To Pledge Their Allegiance To Reading

Martin J. Golden

June 10, 2005

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, 22nd District) today is announcing the kickoff of his "Reading Is Freedom" program and is inviting local school children to take part in this special activity designed to encourage reading over the summer season.

"This program is designed to get children to realize the rewards of reading by encouraging them to excercise their imaginations and make reading a daily event this summer," said Senator Golden, "At the end of the summer when I receive the Reading Is Freedom Summertime Reading Journal, I will be able to see what is interesting our community’s school children and know that over the summer, they continued their education."

"I encourage all school children to take part in this program and to pledge their allegiance to reading this summer," continued Senator Golden, "Be it on your vacation, at poolside or on the beach, bring a book with you and read. Read and learn about the things that fascinate you and don’t forget to let me know. We can never stop learning and I want to make sure that for the children, when school is dismissed in June, the gift of knowledge does not cease until September."

The program is designed to help children realize the rewards of reading by encouraging them to make reading part of their daily travels. Requirements for the program are that children should read at least three age-appropriate books during the summer beyond the school issued summer reading books.

Children interested in the program will receive a "Reading Is Freedom Summertime Reading Journal" record diary to keep track of the books they read and describe their adventures. At the end of the summer, children should have their parents sign the diary and return it to Senator Marty Golden. Senator Golden will be awarding a special certificate and a bookmark for their efforts. To register and receive your summertime travel diary, please contact the Senator’s office at (718) 238-6044 or (718) 627-3659 or visit his website at