Senator Golden Urges Residents To "get Ready!"

Martin J. Golden

August 22, 2006

Brooklyn- As New Yorkers enter the heart of the first hurricane season since Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, 22nd District) today announced a partnership with community supermarkets encouraging residents to ready their families and homes to weather the next storm.

With hurricane season now more of a concern for people living in coastal and low-lying areas than ever before, Senator Golden has teamed with C-Town, Waldbaums, Stop and Shop and Pathmark, to distribute free information to help consumers create their own disaster preparedness "kits."

"For many families, the first response to a hurricane or other disaster warning is to head to the supermarket for the necessities needed to carry them through a few days without power," Senator Marty Golden said. "This effort is designed to encourage families to prepare ahead of time by stocking up now on supplies such as drinking water, nonperishable foods, flashlights, extra batteries, first aid kits, medications and other personal family needs."

Senator Marty Golden expressed his gratitude to supermarket owners who are helping to distribute "Get Ready!" brochures containing important preparedness information to residents in his district. Many of the items in the brochure may be found around the home already or purchased at the supermarket and local hardware store.

Weather experts say the Northeast is overdue for a major category hurricane. When Hurricane Gloria hit Long Island shores in 1985 it was a relatively weak category 2 storm, but still packed 85 mph sustained winds and gusts up to 111 mph. More than 200,000 Long Island residents had to evacuate low lying areas, and over 683,000 lost electrical power.

Senator Marty Golden founded the Community Emergency Response Team in the wake of the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The Community Emergency Response Team, as well as the Brooklyn South C.E.R.T., formed in Marine Park and Gerritsen Beach, would assist emergency services in the event of a Hurricane. Senator Golden is a member of the State

Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Military and Veteran Affairs.
Senator Golden’s "Get Ready!" hurricane preparedness brochures are also available by calling (718) 238-6044. Additional preparedness information, including a detailed list of items that should be included in a disaster preparedness "kit," is also available on his website,