Senator Golden's Lifesaving Bill Becomes Law

Martin J. Golden

October 12, 2007

Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) today announced that the Governor has signed legislation, which Golden sponsored, that would require all schools to have nebulizers available to treat children with asthma (S.6074-A). This bill would potentially save lives as well as reduce the number of emergency room visits by school children.

"Asthma is a national epidemic. Almost 1 in 13 school children suffer from asthma making it the leading chronic illness in children. Not only that but asthma is the leading cause of hospitalization for children under the age of 15. Clearly, administering medication in a timely manner is better for our young people. It is only common sense that nebulizers be in our schools to help combat an asthma attack when it occurs," said Senator Golden.

Under Senator Golden’s new law an on-site nebulizer will be available in every public and private school building where nursing services are provided. More than 4.8 million children nationwide suffer from asthma. In fact, the New York City Department of Health noted that in 2004, there were 10,603 emergency room admissions for pediatric asthma cases.

"Asthma is a public health crisis. We need to ensure that every child who has this life threatening disease has access to quick, quality care. Providing nebulizers at our schools will go a long way to protecting our kids while keeping down emergency room costs," continued Senator Golden.

"Nothing is more terrifying for a child then when they can’t breath. Under this law, New York State will be paying for a nebulizer for every school. We should be proud that the Empire State is leading the way in addressing the national problem of asthma," concluded Senator Golden.