Senator Marty Golden And Community Board 10 Obtain Approval For Traffic Light At Dangerous Bay Ridge Library Corner Intersection

Martin J. Golden

June 29, 2006

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C, 22nd District) today is announcing that, working with Community Board 10, that notification has been received from Brooklyn Borough Transportation Commissioner Joseph Palmieri, that a traffic light will be installed at the intersection of Ridge Boulevard and 73rd Street. The installation should happen before October 31, 2006.

Senator Golden has received requests for the above from local residents of the community, school teachers and parents of P.S. 102, as well visitors of the Bay Ridge Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.

"I am proud to have worked with the community to satisfy the impending need for a traffic light to be installed at this very busy intersection. The installation of this traffic light, at the corner of the Bay Ridge Library, will improve the quality of life and safety of pedestrians and students in our neighborhood. The 2006-2007 school year to start in September will be a safer one for all students of P.S. 102, and all who utilize the newly renovated, state-of-the-art Bay Ridge Library" said Senator Marty Golden.

Josephine Beckmann, District Manager of Community Board 10, "On behalf of Community Board Ten, I would like to thank the Department of Transportation for conducting a study at this intersection and am delighted that a traffic light will be installed. I would also like to commend the many community residents who signed a petition organized by Shoshanna Wolfe. Hundreds of young people, families and seniors cross this intersection to get to the Bay Ridge Library. A traffic light will greatly improve pedestrian safety at this intersection."

Senator Golden also was notified this week that a traffic signal he requested at the intersection of Avenue W and East 2nd Street in Gravesend will be installed by September 30th.