Senator Marty Golden Celebrates Mid-autumn Festival

Martin J. Golden

October 07, 2006

Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden recently made a special visit to Shore Hillto celebrate the Mid-Autum Festival. Senator Golden and his staff and volunteers distributed moon cakes to all.

Senator Golden's remarks are below.

"Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Oct 6will be the mid-Autumn Festival in the Lunar calender. I hope you enjoy the Mooncakes which symbolizes family reunion.

The Chinese American Partnership will distribute with me, mooncakes and gift items to the elderly centers in our district, to celebrate mid-autumn festival.

We hear some Chinese say that the moon in USA is much bigger and rounder than the moon in China. Chinese came here to realize their American dreams. One of the dreams is to reunite with their family members.

On this special day, Chinese families like to get together to eat the moon cakes, hold joyous family reunions at home. After nightfall, entire families go out under the stars for picnics in public parks and watch the full moon. For the people that are out of town or for Chinese who are from China and who stayhere in theUnited States of America, theUSA, they miss their family or the lover at home and share the same moon at the night of the Moon Festival before the Internet gets popular.

Like Chinese, I treasure the value of family. I enjoy my time with my mother, my wife and two young sons. I respect senior citizens who sacrificed themselves for the families and community and they should be rewarded for what they contributed. A lot of Chinese elderlyare the day caretaker of their grandchildren. As Chair of Senate’s Aging Committee, I encouraged the young people to respect their elderly. I fought to establish the Home Crest senior center of Bensonhurst and fought to make prescription drugs more affordable.

In the past two years as a senator, I introduced legislation to make tax cuts that will create jobs.
Again, I encourage you to come out and vote, to help elect the officials who best represent your interest and the future of the community as a whole. Let your voice count.

On 10/14 there would be an annual Open House in our office at 7403 5th Ave.

On 10/24 we will have DMV outreach programs. Non-driving licenses will be issued.

Thanks to MCM Corp. who sponsored the mooncakes to our elderly. Today we have the company from the co-chairs of CACPI, Mr. Wilson Yau, Bonny Au, Mrs. Julisa Chin, Susan Chik, Halina Yu and Mr. & Mrs. Wong."