Senator Marty Golden Honored By Asian Jade Society For Strong Crime Fighting Record

Martin J. Golden

February 13, 2007

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), a retired New York City Police Officer, was recently honored by the New York City Police Department’s Asian Jade Society as the 2007 Man of the Year for his accomplishments on behalf of law enforcement, for his service as a New York City Police Officer for more than ten years, and for his outstanding record of legislative accomplishment which has aided the N.Y.P.D. in keeping New York City the safest large City in America.

Senator Golden stated, "Professionally, first as a NYC Police Officer, then as a Business Owner, and now as a public servant, a former City Councilman and present day New York State Senator, I have sought each day to be a day in which I can make a difference and improve the life of others... I will continue to works towards the adoption of legislation that fights crime and helps you, the members of the Asian Jade Society, protect our streets."

Senator Golden spoke of the Crimes Against Police Act, which protects law enforcement officials from danger by increasing penalties for crimes committed against law enforcement officials, and legislation that seeks to rid our streets of illegal guns, making the possession of one illegal loaded firearm a class C felony. Senator Golden introduced both of these pieces of legislation and both have become law.

The New York Police Department's Asian Jade Society was established in 1980 by ten law enforcement officers, who together had a vision. They envisioned of a diverse police department who would need an organization to champion the cause for Asian law enforcement personnel. They are the fore fathers of our Society and forever the corner stone of our history.