Statement By Senator Golden On Gas Pipeline In Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge

Martin J. Golden

January 01, 2008

State Senator Marty Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), a member of the State Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Military and Veteran Affairs, today is responding to yesterday’s terrorist plot to destroy gaslines and tanks at J.F.K. International Airport, highlighting his continued concerned for the portion of the same gas pipeline which runs through the Bay Ridge neighborhood of his district.

"Yesterday’s news reminds us that our natural gas pipelines are targets of terrorists who wish to destroy American citizens and cultivate fear within our society. In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, we have similar facilities that provide services near the Belt Parkway. I have and will continue to work with the NewYork State Office of Homeland Security, local residents and law enforcement officials, to insure that this is guarded, protected and in no way tampered with so that we can all live without fear."

"The Committee and Residents for Bay Ridge have offered suggestions on how to guard this pipeline even better, ideas which I have shared with and have been reviewed by the State Office of Homeland Security. We must do everything in our power to insure that the right mechanisms are in place to protect our community and our City. The fear is very real and we can not be too cautious in the times in which we live."

Senator Golden, who along with the Committee and Residents For Bay Ridge, has been since last year, in contact with the State of Office of Homeland Security about the gas pipeline, has received assurance of the State’s attention to this facility. In correspondence received by Senator Golden, he was advised that the pipeline is covered by heavy gauge steel and is buried. A small section of the pipe is actually exposed and Senator Golden is calling for a full review of this portion and the implementation of necessary changes.

A site visit was conducted on December 13, 2006 by the State Office of Homeland Security. OHS will continue to work with the industry, the State Public Service Commissioner and the federal government to review and improve the security of this and all critical energy sites throughout the state.