Statement By Senator Golden On Govenor's Suspension Of Driver's License Plan

Martin J. Golden

November 14, 2007

"Governor Spitzer’s decision to abandon his plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens is a huge victory for the people of New York and across our great nation. The voice of the people has been heard and the people have won. The Governor’s wrong-headed proposal would have jeopardized our safety and security leaving us vulnerable to terrorists who wish to do harm.

The Governor’s arrogant attempt to force this policy onto New Yorkers was unsuccessful. From Day 1, opposition to his plan has been overwhelming across the board from the citizens, the law enforcement unions, and the County Clerks. This proposal was a disaster when attempted in North Carolina and Tennessee and would have been a bureaucratic nightmare in New York. Moving forward, it is critically important that Governor Spitzer renew his commitment to comply with the federal government’s Real ID Act.

New York State is home to immigrants from all over the world who are in this country to live the American Dream. We need to continue to celebrate our vast melting pot and send a positive message to those who go through the proper channels and immigrate legally that in fact citizenship holds much value."